Wish a wish… :) 

I believe that wishes are small prayers to the universe. God is universe. I love wishing daily & to my surprise universe never disappoints me. There are so many beliefs regarding God & their existence in this world. But instead of so many beliefs universe is only one. It’s been proven scientifically as well. Universe is our destination & beliefs are the different routes or pathes you choses to reach to your destination. So, whichever religion you follows or belongs to has nothing to do with your destination. 
For a better clarity, I would like to cite an example. 

If you would like to visit any place. You have a number of modes of transportation to reach your destination. You can choose to travel either by train, aeroplane, ship, car etc. 

  • Does your choice of mode of transportation changes your destination as well

Likewise, whichever method you follow to ask your wishes. Doesn’t really make any difference. Just make a wish from heart to the universe & it would always be granted to you, howsoever small it be.

“Think & Act”

My wish is may all your wishes come true… 🙂 

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