It’s Result Time… Have a PTM with me…

It’s March, better known as the ‘month of exams & results’ in students & teachers fraternity. When it comes to education, we all are obsessed with high marks. We usually believe that the student who is scoring good marks is better than the one who scores less. We need to change this perception. Intelligence is not measured by the ability to score high marks in studies, but to score high marks in life. Parents and teachers are less concerned about learning process and they are more concerned about getting good marks. We always taught our children since their initial days of schooling that they have to be the topper of their class, district, region etc. This way we trained them simply to be a machine of producing marks. Because the high marks of their kids raises their social status in the so called “society”.  

Being a teacher or parent it’s our responsibility to take care of what we are teaching them especially in their formative years. We need to realize that learning is more important than getting good marks. We should teach children not to worry about grades but to enjoy learning because if you are learning you are going to excel at grades. Fruits of action should not be their motive. They should focus on gaining knowledge. We should teach them to look beyond their low scores. We need to support them to explore the world of opportunities & encourage them to develop their true potential. 

Education is not only about getting good marks. The real purpose of education is to discover the hidden talents of a child. 

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man – Swami Vivekananda.

Obsession with marks should be condemned. Parents & teachers should rather understood what the student is good at & help him or her develop in that direction instead of pushing them towards their weaknesses. We educate our children because we want them to be successful. But let me tell you, success has very little to do with high marks. Success in marks is only one aspect of success & plays a very limited role in ultimate success in life. Their would be a million examples of people who had done badly in their school exams & yet shone like stars in later life.

I agree that it’s important to score good marks in examinations for better prospects. Good marks may open a few doors but it’s ultimately what you make of those opportunities. And that can only be achieved by persistent hard work, strong determination & desire to achieve. So, It’s my request to all students, parents & teachers that they should understand  ‘scoring marks’ is not everything & will not serve the purpose. We should help them develop the qualities of consistency & hardworking rather than simply pushing them to score high & high. We need to make them learn, if you have interest, passion & ability you can do lot more things instead of low marks. When you don’t give up, you can’t fail.

God has gifted every child a unique talent. They may be good at studies, singing, dancing, sports etc. It’s my humble request to all parents & teachers don’t care too much for ” what other’s will say?” Please don’t let their talent get wasted just due to the fear of social interrogation. They need your support. Help them discover their hidden potentials. Encourage them to achieve it. So, next time tell your kids to pursue excellence & not to focus on high marks.If they do so sucess will surely follow. You never know, your kid may be the next legend.

My message to every student:

“Never study to be successful. Study for self efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence. Success will come all the way behind you. 

“think n act” πŸ˜ƒ

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56 thoughts on “It’s Result Time… Have a PTM with me…”

      1. Your article is nice and honestly, it’s woth sharing. It is crucial for students to get high marks because it is what society is telling them. A single step to change is what we need, and thank you for that 😊

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      2. I’ve been nominated for That’s So Jacob’s March Blog Madness! and now I’m nominating you too. It’s simple: find five interesting blogs today, copy and paste this comment to theirs, and give them a follow! Have a great day and if you’re so inclined, kindly come visit the creator of this iniative over at Have fun spreading the blog love this month!

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  1. l surely love this post. πŸ™‚
    Aside from parents and teacher support, I also think that the education system should change it’s perspective too.. Education teach us ‘standard’ or same things but we need flexibility as all child ,as you said has different talents..

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    1. Thanks for liking my post. It’s all about our perception. If we change our perception the world around us will automatically gets changed. We can change our perception, we have that power. So, create the world of yours. If everyone works on their perspective, the world around us will change, then we need not to change any system. That’s external, change the way we look at things. 😊

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      1. I agree with you but sadly, some of our perspective is driven by the existing system..and that is the ugly truth.
        For a teacher , it’s hard for us to teach and have this kind of perspective if the school is saying other wise. If lets say, we saw a potential of a child in singing and supported this child to pursue singing..parents and school will be gone mad at us as their child ‘must’ concentrate in academics and we are “ruining” the child’s future.

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      2. So, what do you think we should let them ruin their talent?? I know it’s difficult but not impossible. We can atleast instill this perspective in new generation. Some of us should come forward, set an example & prove them wrong. Then only the change can come.πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. I recently met a kid who left high school to live in his van and travel (which is how he met us), and he shared a manifesto of a teacher of his. This manifesto declared that the educational system has not been updated (at least in the U.S.) since it started on its present course over 100 years ago. These are not the same times, people or even he same goals as when the system in place originated. There needs to be complete overhaul. My oldest went to school for three weeks. That was all it took for us to realize she absolutely had to be home schooled. Education starts at home, this is a big issue now. Teachers can do nothing without parents on board, and most parents are not living up to their responsibility!

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  3. β€œNever study to be successful. Study for self efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence. Success will come all the way behind you. ”
    love that quote. reminds me of what rancho shamalddas chanchad said in the movie 3 Idiots.
    “follow excellence and success will chase you – pants down.”

    this is a great article. i totally agree. education is much more than good grades. can I share this?

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    1. Yes sure… Why not… Purpose of my blog is to send my words/message to as many people as it could be… It’s not to earn money or name or fame, my sole purpose is to help people to change their perspective so that they can enjoy their life. I want to bring change the way people think, even if it’s 1% that would be more than enough. 😊

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      1. I tweeted the article. I was thinking of making the quote into a picture with your name at the bottom..and then, sharing it on EVERY social media possible… so people (students) can use it as wallpapers and have it around to remember. What do you think?

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      2. Yes sure, thanks, share my blog link as well, they might like other stuffs. 😊 I’m nt able to follow your blog, the option is not getting displayed. What should I do to follow your blog??


      3. In response to your question, if you look closely at the left-hand corner of the bottom of the page, you should see something that says : Subscribe to Blog via Email
        All you have to do is to put in your email address and click the Keep Me Updated button.

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