“One Lovely Blog Award”

It’s my pleasure to accept this award. I would like to thank Malini mam for nominating me for “One Lovely Blog Award”. This is my very first nomination. Visit her blog (https://malinispace.com) there you will find some mouthwatering delicacies of homemade Indian cuisine.

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who have nominated you & give a link to their blog
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  • List 7 facts about yourself
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Seven Facts about me:

  • I have started writing my blog Perception Changer to motivate you all not to just read, write & share your thoughts but to implement them as well.
  • I love breaking stereotypes since birth & believe in taking the stand for the right.
  • I believe that all the chaos in world is because we are more concerned about changing others.
  • I am spiritual and see every human being as a soul.
  • I beIieve that God is a Supreme power governing us all & do believe in Miracles, they are God’s grace.
  • I love making people smile & believe that love is the most powerful energy in the universe.
  • I’m a quite creative person & loves art & music (especially singing & playing piano)

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      100 Is not just a Number

      Today, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my followers & bloggers for your appreciation. I guess I have already crossed 100 likes within a week of starting my blog. I have started writing my blog on 7th March 2017. I’m overwhelmed to see such a great response from you all within this short time period of 10 days. Thank you all for such a warm welcome & support. 😄

      Your 100 likes is not a just a number. It’s a token of appreciation🏅. It’s a motivation which encourages me to add more meaningful posts✍️. Hope you are enjoying this journey of looking at this world 🌏 from my perspective.🔭😎

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      It’s Result Time… Have a PTM with me…

      It’s March, better known as the ‘month of exams & results’ in students & teachers fraternity. When it comes to education, we all are obsessed with high marks. We usually believe that the student who is scoring good marks is better than the one who scores less. We need to change this perception. Intelligence is not measured by the ability to score high marks in studies, but to score high marks in life. Parents and teachers are less concerned about learning process and they are more concerned about getting good marks. We always taught our children since their initial days of schooling that they have to be the topper of their class, district, region etc. This way we trained them simply to be a machine of producing marks. Because the high marks of their kids raises their social status in the so called “society”.  

      Being a teacher or parent it’s our responsibility to take care of what we are teaching them especially in their formative years. We need to realize that learning is more important than getting good marks. We should teach children not to worry about grades but to enjoy learning because if you are learning you are going to excel at grades. Fruits of action should not be their motive. They should focus on gaining knowledge. We should teach them to look beyond their low scores. We need to support them to explore the world of opportunities & encourage them to develop their true potential. 

      Education is not only about getting good marks. The real purpose of education is to discover the hidden talents of a child. 

      Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man – Swami Vivekananda.

      Obsession with marks should be condemned. Parents & teachers should rather understood what the student is good at & help him or her develop in that direction instead of pushing them towards their weaknesses. We educate our children because we want them to be successful. But let me tell you, success has very little to do with high marks. Success in marks is only one aspect of success & plays a very limited role in ultimate success in life. Their would be a million examples of people who had done badly in their school exams & yet shone like stars in later life.

      I agree that it’s important to score good marks in examinations for better prospects. Good marks may open a few doors but it’s ultimately what you make of those opportunities. And that can only be achieved by persistent hard work, strong determination & desire to achieve. So, It’s my request to all students, parents & teachers that they should understand  ‘scoring marks’ is not everything & will not serve the purpose. We should help them develop the qualities of consistency & hardworking rather than simply pushing them to score high & high. We need to make them learn, if you have interest, passion & ability you can do lot more things instead of low marks. When you don’t give up, you can’t fail.

      God has gifted every child a unique talent. They may be good at studies, singing, dancing, sports etc. It’s my humble request to all parents & teachers don’t care too much for ” what other’s will say?” Please don’t let their talent get wasted just due to the fear of social interrogation. They need your support. Help them discover their hidden potentials. Encourage them to achieve it. So, next time tell your kids to pursue excellence & not to focus on high marks.If they do so sucess will surely follow. You never know, your kid may be the next legend.

      My message to every student:

      “Never study to be successful. Study for self efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence. Success will come all the way behind you. 

      “think n act” 😃

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      Add Colours to your Life…

      In addition to fun & frolic that’s a part of celebrations. Sacred festivities are meant to remind us of the victory of good over evil through legends associated with it. The colour of festivals has a fascinating legend attached to it about a egoistic king Hiranyakashyap. He wanted everybody to treat him like God but his son Prahlada was a devotee of God Vishnu.So, he wants his son to be killed in the fire, for this reason. Story goes that Prahlada was saved by Lord himself for his extreme devotion & faith in Lord. 

      The story reminds us that when a human becomes selfish, self-centered, egoistic & lose his humility, the law of karma will come into operation to correct it. This holds true for everyone. The story also shows us that if we want to attain great heights we need great love, faith, dedication & surrender. Moreover, festivals are perfect occasions to promote communal harmony, brotherhood & peace, in today’s world, where human beings & nature are besieged by problems, threats & conflicts.

      The legends associated with festivals are a source of tremendous inspiration. We need to put in effort to sustain the celebratory spirit & above all we need to invoke the grace of Supreme Power governing us all. 

      This festival let’s pledge to add the colours of equality, unity, happiness, compassion, selflessness & spirit of oneness, the very essence of life, in you and spread them all around you and then see how beautiful this world would be. 

      “think n act”😃

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