Don’t Change Just Add…

All of us has atleast thought once about the “change” at some point of our life. Once I have read a very deep & beautiful line which I would like to share with you all that “Change is the only constant thing in this world”

We all know that change is the rule of nature. Nothing is permanent in this world. Change is necessary & essential part of our life. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the change & at times it’s welcoming. We all know the basic fact that flowing river is purer than stagnant water. But when it comes to bring the change in the society we all are quite reluctant. Why is it so? Why we all says that it’s not possible? Because it’s quite a difficult task. And I’m here to help you all… 

First of all, we need to clear our views about what actually a society is. We are all not just a part of society, we are it’s creator. I often found people saying that we all live in a society which would not allow us to do this or that. Before taking any crucial decision of our lives we first think about society. I really don’t understand why we all give so much importance to society. We even don’t afraid God as much as we have a fear of society. Clear one thing in your mind that we are not because of society, it’s other way round, society is because of us.
Society is just a term used for a group of people living together. Let’s take an example for a better understanding… 

If 50 people are living together in an area we can address them as a society, simple. In this small society of 50 people every single person is a society for rest of the 49 people. Likewise you are not just a part of so called society, you yourself is a society. For you others are society & for others you are a society. 


And when it comes to bring the change in the society made it very clear that you don’t have to change anyone else except you. Whatever be the norms & mentality of the society it’s just the average of values & mentality of people constituting that particular society. So, start working on your own thinking & mindset. Don’t wait for others to bring the change for you. 

Here’s a simple trick to bring change in anything…

Whenever you want to bring change in the existing conditions of anything just keep adding new thing in that consistently and the change you want to bring will start appearing. For example:

If you have a bucket full of dirty water and want to have clean water in it, you need not to empty it just simply keep on adding clean water in the same bucket and after sometime you will have a bucket full of clean water. Did you remove the dirty water before adding clean water to it?? No, you didn’t change it’s initial condition, you simply added the new thing. 

That’s what my post’s topic says to you all. “Don’t change, just add”

To bring the change in the society, we have to do exactly the same thing as we did in case of bucket. Society is bucket, it’s stereotypical norms are like dirty water & to change it you need to keep adding new broad minded thinking just like fresh water, & you will be end up having clean water only i.e.the society with all together a new mindset. 

“think & act”:D

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Young Phoneix Award

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I have awarded by “Young Phoneix Award” for my post “Problems are not bad they are just difficult…” 

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Q-1) From first course to last, what does your perfect meal look like?

Ans- A balanced diet…

Q-2)  If you could’ve witnessed any event in history, what would it be?

Ans- I would like to go to that particular moment where I had comitted something wrong in the past so that I can correct it.

Q-3) What’s your drink order (could be coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, whatever you drink a lot)?

Ans- Water (that’s what we all drink a lot)

Q-4) Who’s your favorite singer/band?

Ans- Shreya Ghoshal (female), AR Rahman (male)

Q-5) What automatically cheers you up?

Ans- Rain

Q-6) Who is your hero (fictional or not)?

Ans- Every differently abled people who have achieved a lot instead of their disabilities, inspires me. One such example is Nick Vujicic.

Q-7) What is the ride you make a beeline for at an amusement park?

Ans- I will go with my instinct.

Q-8) Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ans- Ice cream

Q-9) What is the best trip you have ever taken?

Ans- Trip to my dreams

Q-10) How long have you known your best friend?

Ans- 9 years

Q-11) TV at home or movies in the theater?

Ans- Movies on TV at home.


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    Seven Facts about me:

    • I am a simple person. 
    • I believe in humanity a lot.
    • I believe in the power of education
    • I have a strong believe in the laws of nature like synchronicity, law of attraction etc. I have experienced them in my real life.
    • I am a fun loving person who believes in living the life to the fullest.
    • I love talking to those who have a great sense of humour.
    • I love watching movies a lot & my favourite genres are romcom, sci-fi.

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    Bad is Good…

    Bad teaches us the importance of good. Every bad experince teaches us something important. 
    Life is like a sinusoidal curve. Every rise is followed by a fall & every fall is followed by a rise. But have you ever wondered why is it so?

    Because when we get something, the very first thing which comes to our mind is the fear of losing it. On the other hand, when we don’t have anything we have a hope of getting it some day. Since we all are very much aware of the fact that nothing is permanent in this world. So, when we achieve success we know that it’s not everlasting & instead of enjoying the success, we start worrying about “what if it would not be there?” And this ultimately leads to insecurities & fear. That’s why it’s been said that Success is more difficult to handle than failures. But when we encounter failure we got to know our weaknesses, our mistakes, loopholes. We fail beacuse we made mistakes. Without making mistakes we can never learn because “Mistake is a practical learning experience“. Those who made a lot of mistakes are the best learners. It’s good to make mistakes without repeating them. Every discovery howsoever small or big is achieved after a series of mistakes made by Scientists. That’s why it’s been said that Failure is a key to success.

    If you pay a close attention you will find that every bad thing is teaching us something good and every good thing is teaching us something bad. For a better clarity, just go through the following short session of questionnaire:

    • When will you get jealous? (By looking at something good or bad)
    • When will you hope? (In time of loss or gain)
    • When will insecurities arises in you? (During time of success or failure)
    • When will you feel compassionate? (By looking at rich or poor)
    • When will ego rises in you? (On achieving or losing)
    • When will you show empathy? (By looking at someone’s trouble or luxury)

      Trait           Nature of trait       Arises due                                                                    to

      Jealousy             Bad                         Good         

      Ego                      Bad                         Good       

      Insecurity          Bad                         Good 

      Compassion     Good                        Bad  

       Hope                   Good                        Bad 

       Empathy            Good                        Bad   

      In our weaknesses lies our strength & in our strength lies our weaknesses.

      Bad is teaching us good & good teaches us bad. But that really doesn’t mean that good is bad. Because good teaches us bad and bad ultimately leads us to good. So, just think how could it be bad. But don’t worry good will always remain good but now onwards bad will always be good. 

      Try to understand it from another example “water is life”. If we go into the chemistry of water we will get to know that its pH is 7. It’s neutral & so is life, perfect blend of our positives (strengths) & negatives (weaknesses). Positive & negative together become neutral. So, don’t try to be good or bad. Try to be neutral. 

      Now, an example from maths. Zero as a single digit is considered bad. And digits 1 to 9 are seen as good. But remember two nines together makes only 99. In order to get 100 we need to add two zeros. It’s bad which makes it good. Good & bad are the same sides of two coin. Positive & negative alone doesn’t make best. It’s only the combination of good & bad which can together make a century (100). Figure out your weaknesses because that only helps you to develop your strengths.

      So, now what’s your take on that good is bad or bad is good. What do you want in your life good or bad? Take your time to decide. But you’ll end up having good only.

      “think & act” 😃

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