Add Colours to your Life…

In addition to fun & frolic that’s a part of celebrations. Sacred festivities are meant to remind us of the victory of good over evil through legends associated with it. The colour of festivals has a fascinating legend attached to it about a egoistic king Hiranyakashyap. He wanted everybody to treat him like God but his son Prahlada was a devotee of God Vishnu.So, he wants his son to be killed in the fire, for this reason. Story goes that Prahlada was saved by Lord himself for his extreme devotion & faith in Lord. 

The story reminds us that when a human becomes selfish, self-centered, egoistic & lose his humility, the law of karma will come into operation to correct it. This holds true for everyone. The story also shows us that if we want to attain great heights we need great love, faith, dedication & surrender. Moreover, festivals are perfect occasions to promote communal harmony, brotherhood & peace, in today’s world, where human beings & nature are besieged by problems, threats & conflicts.

The legends associated with festivals are a source of tremendous inspiration. We need to put in effort to sustain the celebratory spirit & above all we need to invoke the grace of Supreme Power governing us all. 

This festival let’s pledge to add the colours of equality, unity, happiness, compassion, selflessness & spirit of oneness, the very essence of life, in you and spread them all around you and then see how beautiful this world would be. 

“think n act”😃

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